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Friday, November 18, 2005

Introductions all around...

Tammy: glad to see you formally introducing yourself. It was my immediate reaction that formal introductions were in order but i decided i should unleash my emily postisms on you in dribs and drabs rather than all at once.

My father was in the air force growing up so i moved frequently until 4th grade when we landed on Guam. Unlike most military families who do their 2 year tour and want off the "rock," my parents and i adored the island and extended for a total of 6 of my formative years- 4th- 9th grade. Being military, and living in the Pacific, we were able to take dirt cheap flights all over Asia and explore cultures i'm sure my Oklahoma born and raised parents never imagined they'd see. Me-- more outwardly blase at the time but i majored in International Relations and lived for a year in Japan so obviously something stuck.

In 10th grade we moved to the suburbs of DC where i attended public highschool; met my current husband (former bad-boy in the back of my AP history class); and, dare i say most importantly, found punk-rock/positive-force/straight-edge. It helped give my prissiness an edge and carried me well through college before i was able to lay aside the "alternative" trappings and just unleash the hyper-organized, etiquette-conscious, liberal that was underneath all those band t-shirts and scrawled Xs.

Now Henry and I and JT live in Chicago and i work for a non-profit research organization. Work is getting busier now that i've been back for 3 months but ultimately i'm still happy with the work/home balance. I telecommute to my DC office but Henry is in home-based daycare. Nonprofit hours are a pretty standard 9-5, so i feel like i get to do work i love without missing all of my sons' young life. I'm hereby wrapping up this blunt-force introduction and will hopefully introduce more subtleties at a later date when i'm not extremely tired and a bit tipsy.

Oh yeah, the one point i wanted to make when i sat down to write was that i'm psyched for this blog because the other one i keep up everyday is read widely by family and co-workers and friends and i find myself shying away from some topics because i know all they really want is an updated picture of Henry and some news of his day. This blog gives me an awesome outlet for the ideas in my "blog list" that my constituency just won't appreciate.


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