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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

But *that's* not what they told me in grade 4!

I was always the kid who looked forward to science class, especially when planets were discussed. For some reason, I found them fascinating. I memorized their order. I could draw them in relative sizes to one another. I dreamed of being the first woman to go to Mars, so excited about the letter I'd write to everyone once I got there.

So you can imagine that I'd be deeply intrigued by the gazillion new findings that have called into question my reasonably concrete (primary school equivalent) understanding of the solar system.

Truth be told, I am fine with all of it. I never felt particularly attached to Pluto and, as a result, am not at all traumatized by its recent expungement from the Big Nine. Maybe it is because it was so far away, but also because I was always more attached to the planets with rings -- no doubt a precursor to my affection for jewelry. And although the news is three years old, I feel a little tingly at the thought of a Kuiper Belt lying beyond Neptune. I can actually close my eyes and imagine how cool the Belt would have looked on the planet mobile I made for show and tell in grade five.

But what blows me away is how our knowledge about the Solar System and beyond is changing so quickly. I mean, now it appears that planets can just go ahead and form themselves. Doesn't that seem a bit bold?

Part of me can't wait for Jonah to start telling me about how retro my knowledge is when it comes to this stuff.

And it also makes me happy to know that, no matter how much has changed, he won't be able to say "Uranus" without breaking into a smile.

Come on, you try it.


  • At 1:48 PM, Blogger Melissa said…

    I can't say it without laughing because my brother once urged me to go ask our grandmother, "Do you know there are rings around Uranus?" Because I was young and trusting and gullible, I did. My grandmother pressed her lips together tightly and walked away without answering, and I became a little less gullible and trusting after that.


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