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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Severe Posting Lapse

I credit Melissa with getting me back over to BHN to catch up on what i've missed. I posted in the comments section to her recent post, but i'm expecting #2 as well. I'm due at the end of March so i'm actually heading into the homestretch. I can't believe that starting next week i start to go to the Dr. every two weeks from now on. This pregnancy has passed pretty quickly-- although i'm already gigantic and just can't imagine what i'll look like in 3 more months!

One cool thing is two other friends that live near me are pregnant with their first babies and are due slightly before and slightly after me. I'm really hoping it helps me get out of the house once all the babies are here, and i've really enjoyed being a resource for all their questions. In fact i'm doing what i'm calling an "e-roundtable" for all of them. It involves me and another good friend (mom of two) laying out our two cents/what worked for us on a specifc topic each week. After we provide our little overview, we'll be available to answer questions from everyone on the topic all week. At the end of the roudtable i'll gather everything into a word doc and send it out so people have it as a reference.

These are the topics i've come up with so far, am i missing anything?

  • Baby Gear—How much stuff does this baby really need and what kind of stuff should I do/have on hand before the baby arrives?
  • Feeding—What are the nuts and bolts of breast and formula-feeding?
  • Sleeping—What should I expect regarding sleep, can I do anything to help my baby sleep better?
  • Taking Care of Mom—How do you find time for yourself, what are coping strategies for dealing with the new baby, what are warning signs of post-partum depression?
  • Partner Relationships—How does having a baby change your relationship to your partner, what can you expect, what can you do to help you grow into being parents?
  • Labor and Delivery—Natural, medicated, fast, slow—what to expect in labor and how to have the best birth you can.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Oops, I did it again

I know, I don't post for months, but when I do, I have big news: A is going to be a big sister! I'm due in June.

Is anyone else thinking about #2 or am I the only crazy one?