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Friday, August 04, 2006

bad mommy

So I have a brand new job, but I’m “transitioning” – that means that I’m working half and half for the month of August until I start it up for reals in September. It’s the same company, but a totally different building. I can describe my new office, position, and all of that together as fancy ass. Yesterday was my first day. I was hoping today was going to be my second even-more-impressive day. It was. Until ten. At ten the camp called to tell me that they found nits in Mia’s hair and I’d have to come and get her.

According to the medicated shampoo directions, we’re supposed to be nit-picking every night until next Tuesday when she gets another chemical blast, but apparently my ex-husband didn’t take this direction seriously when he had her last night.

I lied at work: I told them my daughter was ‘ill’. I guess that’s technically true.

Another bad parenting moment? When we finally got in (I had to pick them up at the rural site) at eleven, I let both of them play the play station while I took a cold beer out of the fridge and downed it before I got to the business of picking through her hair.

Thank god there were no crawlers!


  • At 6:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Eileen at has the perfect lice remedy, it involves washing your kids' hair with a jar of mayonnaise (I am not kidding; Vaseline is even better but it's a bear to wash out). Wrap hair in saran wrap for eight hours. Wash out. This will smother all the nits. Then start combing. Then use the organic lice killer from Whole Foods, which is more effective than the commercial lice-icides (lice have become resistant to these).

    We're there with you.


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