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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Getting rich, the ole' capitalist way

Hi all,

Over Cdn Thanksgiving, the brother of a high school friend had opened a games shop in downtown Dartmouth. The sister, Rivka, was in the latter stages of a divorce, trying to decide on which city she should move too (she was shedding Ottawa like her tragically bad marriage). She's got like 2 Masters degrees, is phenomenally brilliant and was heading back to 'stall-age' for her PhD in something...

Meanwhile, Rian's truly incredible 'oddmother Kirst in TO has started' Mythical Merchant', a business that makes swords and shields and other play-toys for kids to be in touch with their own inner-kids, without needing batteries.

It got me thinking about getting rich and my many ideas of starting a business. A few concepts have been:
- 'Mythical Management', my true life property management of my mom's apt in East Van. Has paid for most of Rian’s toys but not much else.
- Opening a fair trade cafe in Strathcona (did you know that every 2nd house there is an artist… and artists can't be artists without caffeine…). I know Melissa O’s partner is in the coffee business so I’ve harboured this dream since they moved east.
- Something involving Dome houses, preferably on an island near Van. Check out Dome houses for a little taster of this dream

It got me thinking that its really nice to dream about things, about making a living doing what we want to do, about somehow making a difference in people’s lives while feelin’ good about ourselves.

And just as my friend Rivka was thinking about opening a women-centred sex shop in Montreal hosting lots of sex-positive workshops and stuff, I saw an article on the front page of the Halifax paper that said teenagers these days know less about sex and birth control, etc. than our 30-something generation knew.

So Rivka, make this thing happen! Maybe capitalism isn’t so bad if we do it well??!


  • At 8:56 AM, Blogger Melissa said…

    you're hilarious. Nick loves those dome houses too.

    i spend a good deal of time dreaming up get-rich scemes myself. a few years ago, before there was a single gelato spot on the drive, i thought to myself, "you know what this place needs? a really cool ice cream joint" .. i dreamed up a plan to open an organic ice cream parlor on commercial & call it "irie ice cream co." that was about as far as i got with that plan. now each time i stroll by one of the jam-packed gelato places on the drive i think "if only i were more motivated, that could have been me!"

    i had i really hope you guys make it out here for a visit over the summer. that would be really nice!

    oh! and wanted to ask you, where did rian get that sweet shirt with his name on it? (he's wearing it in a pic you posted in one of your first posts).

  • At 3:01 PM, Blogger Cataclysm said…

    Hey Melissa! Oh man, wish you hadn't told me about the gelato idea... as Dolce Gelato gets richer regularly from me...

    And yes, the Rian shirt was from doppleganger - there's an embrodiary shop on the Drive call Farfalla... we all wondered who shopped there until D showed up with the lovely shirt! We'll hook Nile up with some labelled clothing!

  • At 6:18 PM, Blogger Anne-Marie said…

    Oh gelato... have to share this... at about 9 1/2 months preggy (sam was 17 days late - oh my!), I was living on gelato and struggling thru the heat wave. One day, I was walking down the Drive, slurping Baccio gelato, thinking to myself 'man, I must look like quite the catch - ice cream dripping off my chin, belly hanging out of too-small tshirt' when i was stopped on the street by 3 girls who were on a scavenger hunt. Apparently they hit the jackpot with me since #5 on their list was 'pregnant woman eating gelato'. After a quick picture to prove to others, we went our separate ways; they probaby not believing their luck, and me, well still scarfing back the gelato...



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