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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Fresh meat! Fresh meat!

Let's give a warm BHN welcome to our newest member, Karen!

You want to talk about auspicious beginnings? I first encountered Karen's excellent blog, verbatim, when I did a Google search on the phrase "toilet blog" (I had my reasons at the time) and found a joke entry -- or at least I assumed it was a joke -- written from the perspective of a toilet. Clearly, Karen has "BHN material" written all over her. I've been enjoying her site on a daily basis ever since then, and to tell you the truth, I feel kind of stupid for taking so long to think about inviting her to join us.

She's a seasoned mom, editor, reader, foodie, and a heck of a funny writer... in short, a woman after my own heart. But enough out of me. I'll let Karen take over with her own introduction, if she cares to. Welcome, Karen!


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