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Friday, December 09, 2005

snow day

We had a snow day today, although it really wasn't much snow at all. I was traveling for work on Wednesday and Thursday, and I rushed home last night to beat the snow, but didn't make it home in time to see the kids before bed. I called home en route, to talk to them, and my daughter excitedly told me that she was wearing her pajamas inside-out and backwards, to make sure it snowed. Apparently, her teacher (who is a sub replacing the regular teacher, who's on maternity leave until January) told the class on Monday that at her previous school, the kids always wore their jammies inside out to make it snow. The Bee wore her jammies inside-out on Monday night (when snow was predicted), but it didn't work--this time, she wanted to make sure, so she came up with the backwards adaptation.

Sure enough, it snowed tonight. And at 8:00 this morning, her best friend called to say that she had worn her pajamas inside out too. I think we might be spending a lot of this winter in reversed pajamas.


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