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Thursday, December 08, 2005


I'm really getting the hang of this blogging thing! Tamra (and Doppelganger) - you've created a monster!

As I was doing the list of things to buy for my Mom's arrival later today (she's not a cheap visitor - good coffee, $4/loaf bread, $10+ wine, etc. and I haven't even started on the xmas presents), I thought I'd write a sentimental note on grandparents... well, specifically Rian's grandparents.

If this is too syrupy for you, watch this space over the next 3 weeks for the *!)(%#@ grandparents!! !%!^($! postings....


  • At 11:16 AM, Blogger Anne-Marie said…


    I love that you have such a positive relationship with the parentals - I was debating whether to write a rant about my mom's obsession with Sam and the stress it causes me but maybe I should just chill and enjoy the endless amounts of clothes and toys she sends our way. Really, it could be worse, no? I have to admit though, my MIL just left this morning after visiting for a week - it was so great to have some alone time! We went out twice in one week! Wow! Feel refreshed enough for another 3 months!


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