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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Body Talk

My hormones are talking to me. Has anyone else been feeling this way? I feel like it's waaaaay too soon!


  • At 2:13 PM, Blogger Cataclysm said…

    Yo Melissa!

    Who wouldn't get broody with absolutely adorable pictures like this?!?!

    Two kids (or more) does seem to have a kind of nice ring - I mean, we're seasoned parents by now aren't we?!

    Take care,

  • At 7:41 PM, Blogger Tammy said…

    Well, I can sort of relate. I can't say I've exactly been thinking about baby #2, but the idea no longer fills me with horror. Though I have a good friend who has a 2-year-old and a 6-month-old, and that acts as a huuuuge cautionary tale for me. I mean, she's handling it beautifully, but she's a nurse and is way better at managing stress and practical matters than I am.

    What I have noticed since my period returned a month ago is the return of my long-lost libido! Woohoo! I was starting to wonder if I was going to have to put up "Lost" posters to get it back. So maybe baby fever will come next...

  • At 2:52 PM, Blogger Melissa said…

    Melissa, I'm not having baby fever just yet, but I SO know what you mean about feeling overwhelmed. I honestly don't know how people do it with two, and it terrifies me to find out. Now that things are in kind of a rhythm, it seems like it would be so hard to plunge back into the chaos of the newborn stage. Not to mention labor...after writing up my birth story, I'm really not looking forward to that part!

    Also, those pictures are so adorable! A was 9 pounds when she was born so she always seemed kind of strapping and not quite so tiny.

    Doppelganger, congrats! I'm still waiting on mine, but I haven't gotten my period yet so maybe not all hope is lost.


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